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Starting Solids

Starting Solids - The Ideal First Baby Cup 2.0 - Soft Blue

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When your baby starting transitioning to solids the First Baby Cup 2.0 is a must!

Perfect for gifting for babyshowers, new mums or even birthdays!

This really is the ideal first baby cup! No more sippy cups that are damaging to our littles ones speech and language development!

Let your little one learn the right skills to drink from an open cup right from the start! Its design means it is two cups in one! It can be used as an open cup or as a straw cup for different stages of development

This silicone cup is lightweight, durable (practically indestructible) and the double handles make it the perfect cup for baby to learn on! In the early days pop the lid and straw off and use as an open cup!

You will have to help bub by tipping it up to their mouth for 1-2 seconds. They will have the hang of it in no time and be drinking independently! Most babies can use this style of open cup independently by 1 year of age if given the opportunity to learn! Once bub has had some practice and started to master the open cup pop the lid and straw back on and help bub learn the skill of straw drinking!!

Drinking from a straw helps bub develop and strengthen facial muscles that are also important for eating! 

Product Details:  Material: 100% food grade silicone.

Size: 7cm high x 9cm wide (handle to handle).

Care: Wash with warm soapy water before use.