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Bedhead Hats - Legionnaire Flap Sun Hat - Dinosaur - Khaki

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Bedhead Hats - Legionnaire Flap Boys Sun Hat - Dinosaur - Khaki

Bedhead Legionnaire hats are so soft and comfortable over the ears and back of the neck making them the perfect baby sun hat that also converts hat-haters into hat-lovers!

The Legionnaire hat is built for comfort so much that kids forget they're wearing it! This makes it the best style for hat-haters and babies to wear while in prams and baby carriers. Made with super-stretchy and lightweight cotton jersey for a perfect fit keeping your little ones head cool under the hot Australian conditions & rated UPF50+ excellent protection.

This cute dino makes hat wearing FUN! Our regular legionnaire style is dressed up with eyes, teeth and some dinosaur spikes for the most ROARsome little kids. A great option for toddlers hesitant about hats!

BEST SUITED TO: Newborns, crawlers and toddlers still using prams, strollers, car seats, carriers & slings. Best style to convert stubborn hat-haters as it is harder to pull off & not within their eyeline.