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Bencer & Hazelnut

Bencer & Hazelnut - Daddy's Little Love Plaid Skirt

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The Perfect Plaid Skirt to compliment the Bencer & Hazelnut Fathers day Range!

Pair with the Daddy's Little Love Bodysuit or Tee, or match with dad in the Dads Plaid Shirt!

Made from Cotton with a gathered waist and cream front tie.


Below info is in line with general Australian sizing and a guide only. 
Here is a few of our thoughts on our specific sizing! 
- 00000 is really great for newborn photo announcements, as they’re more fitted and a bit neater looking. 
- 0000 is great for a new baby as well but for longer wear 
- If your baby is average size or smaller, 000 is great 3-6 months, 6-9 is great for 00 and 0 for 9-12. 
- Our products are probably more toward the generous than smaller side- this comment is based only on general feedback. 
Care Instructions

We suggest following tag instructions per specific item.
Please note as a general rule dryers may cause shrinkage.

For wash we strongly reccomend not using eco/natural products such as Earthwise as they contain plant derived ingredients which may discolour your products. 
We have found OMO Biozet powder to be effective in keeping your items looking fresh and new with every wash. We are not affliiated in any way, but through our own use and testing we have found this the best for results. 

Please also keep in mind, due to the age group most popularly wearing our products, to consider what food your littles have eaten prior to soaking- for example some products such as avocado will create a natural pink dye when soaked.